The Courtyard

The courtyard is a big square place surrounded by the walls of the Castle. It features a lush lawn and a flagstone pavement

Most of all, it is the heart of Castello Camemi life, in fact it is the way in and out to rooms, lounges, restaurant and “piano nobile”. At the same time the courtyard is our guests' favorite place, the area of the Castle they want to live and enjoy more, should it be for relaxing, an aperitif, a dinner in the candle light, or welcoming guests for their banquet.

Our big carob tree is the centerpiece of the courtyard, and of Castello Camemi. It seems to embrace and protect all the court with its leafy fronds. The enlightened carob tree at sunset is a breathtaking view for those who enter the main gate, it rises on the place where the old well was, like a Life Tree it is the source of all the magic energy of this place.